The Ebac Powerpac - the Worlds Most Powerful Compact Dehumidifier

Wednesday, 4th November 2009

image of ebac powerpac Ebac are the leading UK manufacturer of dehumidifiers, so when they announce that they have designed and built the worlds most powerful compact dehumidifier we just had to take a look. Its called the Powerpac and features Ebac latest technology such as hydrophilic coils. We took a look at specs to see what this little powerhouse of a dehumidifier has to offer.

Small Yet Powerful

image of hydrophilic coils

Despite the Powerpac being a compact dehumidifier, it still manages an impressive 18 litres extraction rate over 24hrs. In part this excellent extraction rate is down to the hydrophilic coils , these coils are the cold side onto which the water condenses from the air, a special coating allows the water to run off the coils quickly, allowing a faster extraction rate. The Powerpac has been designed specifically for European climates, which as we all know can be rather damp and wet in the winter time!

Good Looking and Full of Features

The Powerpac has a sleek and smooth design that will look in good in anyones home and keep those who have a passion for interior design happy. Its great to see that the designers are now moving away from the standard 'utility' style that so many other dehumidifiers have. This compact dehumidifier isn't small on features either, it has a smart control system, boost function, air filters, water filters, bucket full indicator and an automatic defrost system.

Is it Environment Friendly?

There are no CFCs or HCFCs in the Powerpac so need to worry about chemicals damaging the ozone layer. Running costs are estimated at 4pence an hour (according to Ebacs instruction manual, electricity prices vary dependant on supplier). Don't forget that the warm, dry air that the Powerpac puts out into your house can lower your heating bills. The Powerpac features a Smart Control System that automatically works out the best times to turn the unit on and off, maximising both the effectiveness and efficiency of the unit.


This is a great unit and is sure to be a best seller for Ebac. Full of new features that improve the efficiency and nicely styled this dehumidifier ticks all the boxes. You can visit the Ebac website to read more about the Powerpac and the unit is available to buy direct from Ebac via their Ebac direct website.