Blog Update

Thursday, 29th October 2009

percentage image For this post we are going behind the scenes to reveal some interesting stats about the dehumidifier website and the people who visit it. For the webmaster there are a range of useful stats available from the server logs, but we like the easy to use interface of Google Analytics, so lets take a look at what Google Analytics reveals about visitors to the About Dehumidifiers Website.

Traffic is Up!

visitor graph The first thing we like to look at is the overall number of visits, and the good news is that traffic is up by a massive 709% over the last 30 days. While this sounds impressive, the large percentage increase is mainly because visits were so low last month. However, we are getting more visits to the site which is important to us. We only received 89 visits, which compared to most other websites is a tiny number, but we all have to start somewhere! The average time a visitor spends on the site is nearly 6 minutes, this is good as it shows we are providing good content that visitors like to read. Our bounce rate is also very good at 38% (lower is better).

Where Our Visitors Live

geo map Before you get worried we don't have the home addresses of our visitors, but we do know what country they come from. Most of the visitors currently come from the UK (77 visits) which isn't too surprising as the site is on a domain. We have visitors from the United States (4 visits) and would very much like to increase the visits from the US. We have also had visitors from Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland, India, Sweden, Cambodia and Belgium.

Browsers and Connections

Currently FireFox is the most popular browser used by our visitors, with Internet Explorer coming in at second most popular. We also have visitors using Safari and Chrome. By far the most popular Internet connection is DSL (ADSL or Broadband) and only one visitor who is still using dial up.

Most Popular Pages and Searches

The homepage is by far the most popular pages followed by our guides pages which include the sizing guide and the buying guide. The next most popular page is the review of the solar venti solar powered dehumidifier . Search terms in order of most popular were about dehumidifiers, solarventi review, solar powered dehumidifier, Honeywell 2.9 litre dehumidifier and dehumidifier information.


The guides have proved to be very popular so we will add to them over time. We think that the health benefits page will also be very popular once the search engines have indexed the pages and start to send visitors to the pages. Product reviews also look to be popular with our visitors so we will focus on providing further reviews of dehumidifiers as well. The stats from Google Analytics are very useful in working out what visitors are looking at and what is proving popular, but we would also appreciate any feedback and suggestions that you might have, feel free to drop us a line via our contact us page.