Website Updates & Voucher Codes

Wednesday, 24th March 2010

In todays blog post you can find out whats new on the About Dehumidifiers website , get some stats on the increasing number of visitors and find out what we have planned for the future. We also like to find you the best deals, so we have been looking into voucher codes (sometimes called discount or promotional codes). These are codes that you can use to get discounts from online retailers, but you need to be quick as they are normally only valid for a short period of time. We are pleased to announce that we are now able to publish voucher codes from many of the leading online retailers, as and when we receive them we will publish them on the About Dehumidifiers Blog. To start with we have some fantastic money saving promotional discount codes just released by top online retailer Kitchen Science.

Lets start with the discount codes from Kitchen Science. They aim to supply premium brand kitchen appliances at the very lowest prices, they do not have the direct overheads of High Street shops which enables them to provide such great prices. Just copy the code and use the links below to visit the Kitchen Science website.

5% off freestanding cookers over £600

Code: 5COOK

Click here to visit Kitchen Science - code expires Expires Wed 31 Mar 2010

6% off Laundry & Dishwashers over £650

Code: LDISH6

Click here to visit Kitchen Science - code expires Expires Wed 31 Mar 2010

5% off USA Fridge freezers over £750

Code: USA5

Click here to visit Kitchen Science - code expires Expires Wed 31 Mar 2010

Site Updates - Continued Growth

The number of visitors to the site has been growing steadily month on month, this month the number of visitors has grown by 2% compared to last month. In the previous update we had received 89 visitors in a month, we now receive 288 visitors each month. It's great to see the site growing and we are happy to be making steady progress. Most of our visitors are still from the UK, USA and Canada and Europe, not much change there, as would be expected.

New Content

We have just added a new page with an overview of the main dehumidifier manufacturers. We think its important to know a little background about the companies that make dehumidifiers as it leads to a more informed purchase. We also selected example products from each to give you an idea of the style and price range of their products. It was quite an interesting exercise to research the different companies and see how they came about.

Whats next?

The feedback is that a product reviews and best buys section would be useful. Its something that we had on the to do list, but it takes time to research and select the best products so its a work in progress, we will be working hard to get something ready as soon as we can. In the meantime we will write blog posts about any new or innovative products that become available.