Dehumidifers - A Quick and Easy Buying Guide


Everyone likes to get good value for their money, our quick and easy buying guide gives tips and advice on selecting the right dehumidifier and getting the best deal.

Extraction Rate

Dehumidifiers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with extraction rates anywhere between 250ml over 24 hrs up to 30 litres per 24hrs. Choosing the right size dehumidifier will prevent you spending too much money on too large a unit or buying a unit too small that's not up to the job. Take a look at our easy sizing guide to understand what size you require for your needs.

Automated Controls

The ideal relative humidity in your home should be between 40 and 50 percent. Higher end models will have a built in hygometer so you can set the desired level of humidity and the dehumidifier will then automatically maintain the set humidity level. More basic models will rely on you turning them on and off manually to maintain the correct humidity, fortunately it's not critical to have the humidity at exact levels so don't worry too much about this.

Bucket Size

The size of the bucket that collects the water determines how often it will need to be emptied. Some dehumidifiers can have a hose connected from the bucket to a drain so that they are self draining.

Quiet Operation

If you are likely to have the dehumidifier running at night or near a bedroom then the noise levels will be important. Look for a unit with more than one fan speed setting so you can put the unit on low overnight.

Automatic Shutoff

Every dehumidifier with a water collection bucket should turn itself off when the bucket is full. Check that this feature is there, if not then find a better unit!

Washable Filters

Some models have filters to remove dust form the air before it enters the dehumidifier. If the model has filters check if they are washable so you don't have the extra expense of buying replacement filters.

Look Online for the Best Deals

It will come as no surprise that the best deals can be found online,